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Transparent Woven Shaded E Screen & M Screen

E Screen Shades provide the most undistorted outward visibility of all woven fabrics on the market. The secret is the fineness of the yarns, the regularity of the basket weave, and the uniform coating of the fiberglass. E Screen Shades are available in 2 densities: 90% dense, 10% open, and 95% dense, 5% open. These shades will always hang flat and roll true. Their flame retardants exceed the U.S. commercial fire ratings. The material yarns are 36% fiberglass and 64% PVC and are lead free.

M Screen Shades are denser weaves that provide better fade, glare and heat reduction but less outward visibility. The lighter colors reject 30% more heat, but the darker colors give the sharpest outward visibility. M Screen Shades are available in 2 densities: 95% dense, 5% open, and 97% dense, 3% open. Their flame retardants exceed the U.S. commercial fire ratings, and are lead free.

Productivity is strongly related to indoor temperature. In summer, direct solar radiation and re-radiated heat should be prevented from entering the building. Our metallized products reflect most of that radiation, resulting in relatively cool blinds. With our products, “Cool Windows” can be created. Our metalized fabrics reduce the cooling load of buildings, thus save energy and subsequent carbon emissions due to significant reduction of the solar heat gain. Our products reflect more that 75% solar radiation, thus important energy (KWH) savings are achievable.