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Storefront Display Window Shades

If you want to protect your inventory from harmful UV light, then you need our Storefront Window Shades. These shades will also reduce fading of merchandise and store fixtures, while also allowing your customers to see into your business. The material is made of several layers of Mylar joined with heat and pressure that forms a durable and flexible shade material. All shades are lead free. The material comes in three colors: Amber, Smoke/Tint, and Clear. Amber gives you the best protection, although there is a slight yellow cast and a darkening of the display window. Smoke/Tint is used for moderate fade conditions. These are best used on street level display windows. The Smoke/Tint provides the best glare and heat reduction without distorting colors. Clear provides fade protection from UV light only, with no discoloration of merchandise. It can be used in conjunction with awnings and building overhangs.

Amber - Intense Sun Fade Conditions

Use amber for the maximum Sun Fade protection. There is some darkening of the display windows and a slight yellow color cast. Often merchants will accept less Fade protection and use Silver Tint for greater vision into the Display Windows.

Silver Tint - Moderate Sun Fade Conditions

Silver Tint transmits the full color range eliminating color distortion.
75% effective as Amber.

Clear UV- Mild Sun Fade Conditions

Use in combination with Awnings or building overhangs. No color distortion. Fade protection only from Ultra Violet Light.
50 % effective as Amber.