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Mylar Film Shades

If you want to:

  • Control heat and glare problems during sun hours
  • Cut down on air conditioning costs by maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Eliminate glare in the work area

…then you should be looking into installing a Mylar Film Shade.

What is a Mylar Shade?

A Mylar shade is a window shade used for commercial, residential, industrial, and control tower use. It is made up of three transparent layers of dyed polyester material. This material can come in different thickness measures including 3 mil, 4.5 mil, 5 mil, and 7 mil. Laminated between each two glare reducing sheets of dyed polyester is a thin heat-reflective aluminum coating.

By installing Mylar Shades on a window, you are:

  • Rejecting up to 99% of ultraviolet rays
  • Reducing up to 74% of heat
  • Reducing up to 90% of glare

That’s why it is common in the shade industry that Mylar Film Shades are the #1 energy saving shades.

Are there different types of Mylar Shades?

Yes! Mylar Shades come with different features (color, size, material) some of these types are:

  • Ultraviolet Mylar Shades
  • Glare Mylar Shades
  • Fade & Heat Mylar Shades
  • Control-Kool Vue Mylar Shades

What size do Mylar Film Shades come into?

Mylar Film Shades can be manufactured for as small as 13” wide (for spring shades) X 36”height, 6”wide (for clutch shades) X36”width and/or as large as 144”wide X 158”height.

Solar Screen Co. Inc. also deals with special customized orders to best suit its customers’ needs.

How do I take care of my Mylar Shades after installation to ensure the best possible view?

  • Raise and lower the shade frequently – so the dust will drop off
  • Smudges and fingerprints can be removed using a mild detergent and a soft cloth – make sure to rinse well, let air dry, or polish with soft cloth to remove water spots

How does Solar Screen ship Mylar Shades?

Careful packaging is a priority at Solar Screen. To prevent any damage or scratch to the product, each shade is placed inside a double walled cardboard box. Our products are shipped through UPS, Fed Express, Common Carrier and Messenger Service.

Does Solar Screen Co. Inc. offer Mylar Shades with optional features/accessories?

Yes, Solar Screen offers:

  • Motorization
  • Cassettes
  • Shade Tracks
  • Quick Snaps
  • Cable Guide System
  • Fascia
  • Dual Fascia
  • Valances
  • Site Channels Skylight

ESS: How to Mount a Mylar Shade: